Black House was an experiment; a novel featuring my character Philip K. Marks, who has appeared in short stories published at Buzzy Magazine (A Meek and Thankful Heart), Black Denim Lit (Howling on for More), and the anthologies Hanzai Japan (Three Cups of Tea) and Crimes by Moonlight (sift, almost invisible, through).

Beginning May 1st, 2017, I posted chapters of the book here. Then on June 15th, I took the site down.

For those who read it, thanks! And I hope you enjoyed it. For those who didn’t … maybe someday it comes back.


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Really enjoyed the ride.

    Don’t know what exactly you’ll end up doing with it, but I thought the whole bittersweet “it’s gone forever” notion was a complement to Marks in general. It adds to the experience for me, and the others who didn’t read it become oblivious to the special nature of it – much like the Black House itself.

    I always admire your work.


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